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Hello and welcome to Faith At Work, LLC. My name is Angela Allen-Blaine owner and founder of Faith At Work. I am a native of southside Virginia. As a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP-BC) serving clients in rural southside Virginia, I am fully aware of the need for peer support intervention for adults with substance use disorder and mental health challenges. For inquiries, please call 434-532-3069. We are dedicated and looking forward to serving you.

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Welcome to Faith At Work Peer Support and Recovery website. A place of faith, hope and recovery. Are you looking for a change? A place you can safely surrender and be your authentic self. Do you want to grow and develop in new positions and perhaps share your own personal journey with others to help them grow? If you are ready for a transformation then we are ready for you to be a part of Faith At Work, LLC.

Faith At Work peer support program mission is to provide behavioral health support, assistance and guidance to every person in need of ongoing support to recover and/or maintain recovery from mental illness and/or substance use disorder.

Values are based on demonstrating compassion and empathy for those in need of assistance and helping individuals cultivate, transform and maintain a healthy recovery mindset.

Our vision is to provide services that will help to reduce preventable healthcare emergencies, psychiatric hospitalization, and decrease overall healthcare cost in clients 18 years of age or older with chronic health/mental conditions. Research evidence clearly shows that peer support intervention is an effective approach to engage clients in preventative care, self-promotion, and self-care maintenance which will overall improve their quality of life.

Faith At Work peer support will incorporate a faith-based approach when helping those in need while building a healthier community. We will offer assistance in self-management behavior by teaching skills necessary to make informed decisions and engage in effective problem-solving. The goal is to promote awareness and engage others in taking personal accountability. It is through understanding that each individual is unique, therefore social and cultural considerations will be incorporated.

For more information, please feel free to contact Angela Allen-Blaine at 434-532-3069.